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Solutions for athletes & coaches


Triathlon, duathlon, cycling, adventure

Programs start from 375€/3months

Personal development

Coaching courses, webinars, keynotes, personal development-projects

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Sport science support

Performance monitoring, recovery management, data management, consulting

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Solutions for teams

Organisational analysis

We analyse your high-performance programs and formulate recommendations to improve your HP structure and programs

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Race support

We offer coaching, team management and sport science solutions for your team on raceday.

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Some references


Jurgen Van Goolen, pro cyclist (2011-2014)

Joerie Vansteelant, pro duathlete (2007-2014)

Jordi Van Dingenen, pro cyclist (2013-2018)

Claire Michel, pro triathlete (2015-2016)

Diego Van Looy, pro triathlete (2022)

Kathleen Sterckx, elite cyclist (2000-2018)

Bert Longin, GT car pilot (2006-2016)

Joe Skipper, pro triathlete (2016)

Inge Vanden Broek, age group medal triathlete

Maarten Vermeulen, age group medal triathlete

Liesbeth Wouters, age group medal triathlete